The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare: Fight FROM Victory, Not FOR Victory!

Stop fighting a battle you've won. Start enforcing your victory. Today!

The battle has been won. Stop fighting a defeated devil. Start enforcing your victory in Christ!

YOU’VE got to remember that the battle has been won. As a believer, you defeated the devil in Christ more than two thousand years ago! You don’t need to fight the devil. So what do you do? You simply stand and exercise your authority as a believer. In this book –The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare, you will learn to fight from victory, not for victory!

About The Book

The book is very gripping. It sticks to one’s fingers tenaciously as one flips through each page devouring voraciously the hidden eternal gems contained within.DR OLU OJEDOKUN
Author, Evangelist, Barrister, and University Lecturer.

The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare  shows, in practical, actionable steps, how to live in authority as a believer in Christ. It uncovers the truth about spiritual warfare, the battlefield of the mind, the believer’s authority, deliverance, overcoming evil family patterns, freedom from generational curses, and liberty from sin.

Here’s the full menu:

  • Preface: What Happened to You?
  • Chapter 1: Your Authority as a Believer
  • Chapter 2: Winning the Battle in Your Mind
  • Chapter 3: A Spiritual Warfare Primer
  • Chapter 4: Understanding Deliverance
  • Chapter 5: Like Father, Like Son?
  • Chapter 6: Family Laws and Evil Patterns
  • Chapter 7: Understanding the Altar

Read Sample Chapter

  • Chapter 8: The Power of the Spoken Word
  • Chapter 9: The Sins That Enslave Us
  • Chapter 10: Rolling Away the Reproach
  • Chapter 11: But I’m Born Again!
  • Chapter 12: Breaking the Curse and Activating the Blessing
  • Chapter 13: Surely There Is an End!
  • Chapter 14: Maintaining Your Freedom
  • Afterword: Fight from Victory, Not for Victory!
  • Appendix: 101 Ways to Crush the Devil.

Do something absolutely amazing for yourself – Start exercising your authority as a believer. Today.

About The Author

Pedro Okoro Pedro Okoro

Pedro Okoro is a pastor, award-winning author and blogger. He lives on the outskirts of London with his wife and their two delightful daughters. He has authored two other books, Crushing The Devil and Your Best Life Ever.


There were so many nuggets of truth jumping out at me that I needed to digest. Like proverbs I almost did not want to get past the first chapter and kept re-reading it for it to sink in. In the end I settled for reading the book aloud so I wouldn’t miss anything but knowing in my mind I would be reading it again and again. Great and vivid examples backed up by amazing spiritual truths. Clear explanation and understanding of spiritual warfare. This book is not a one-off read. It is one you will keep going back to again and again. It is thought changing. I would highly recommend it!MS KAREN ROACH
Evangelist, Operation Mobilisation UK Missionary to South Africa.
Pedro Okoro has a gift for making complex subjects readily understandable. This book is a considerable achievement, not only for its clarity but also for its comprehensiveness.DR HUGH OSGOOD,
Founder and President of Churches in Communities International; Co-Chair of the UK Charismatic and Pentecostal Leaders’ Conference.
Very captivating, engaging and revealing! MINISTER KIKE ADEBIYI
Author, United Kingdom
Once again Pedro Okoro has done an amazing and outstanding job writing about spiritual warfare.MINISTER MARLO SAENZ
Founder, My Higher Calling Ministries, McKinney, TX, USA
The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare is a spiritually fantastic book. It is well researched, with practical and applicable insights. The book will set a lot of believers and non believers free. The presentation is so clear and simple that any believer will surely benefit from it. Definitely led by the Spirit! ATTY CONSTANTINO BANJO NAVARRO III,
Lawyer, and Creator of Biblegal, the Philippines.

Prepare to be blessed and inspired, as I use powerful principles from the Scriptures and my practical experience in ministry to show you how to walk in authority as a believer!

I defy readers not to recognize some recurring patterns in their lives and families in these accounts. This book can help you to diagnose and treat the very root! Pastor Pedro has written in a very accessible and readable style. His passionate desire to help fellow believers war from a place of strength and victory in Christ comes through clearly on every page. I for one will be encouraging members of this ministry to read this book. PASTOR LORENZO HEIGHWAY,

Stop fighting a defeated devil. Start enforcing your victory in Christ!

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A fascinating book with an enlightened look into the supernatural world of spiritual warfare and its consequences in our lives. This book has captivated me because it has gone deeper than any other book I’ve ever read on this topic. Today, I’m using it as a companion book to the Bible Study I’m currently working on and I know that undoubtedly it will transform my life.ELSIE J. RUIZ
Founder, Shepherd's Way International, Inc., Cumming, GA, USA
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Pedro presents a serious expose to the ways and plans of the enemy…I love this book!DR SAMUELL ADDY
Founder and Senior Pastor, Maranatha Prayer Conference, Gainesville, VA, USA.

The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare  will change the way you engage in spiritual warfare forever. And that’s a promise!

The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare
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