The surprising reason you’re living paycheck to paycheck!

And how to roll away the reproach and stop struggling financially!

Overwhelmed, stressed, feeling overwhelmed, living pay check to pay check, struggling financially

Do you work like an elephant but eat like an ant? Are you struggling financially and living pay check to pay check? Does money always seem to run away from you? Have you ever stopped to ask why you’re struggling financially? Why you’re living pay check to pay check? Why money never meets money in your hands? Why […]

Keys to Unlocking God’s Blessings!

These awesome blessings belong to you. Take them. Why delay?

Unlocking the blessings

What would you do if you discovered $69 million was sitting in your attic? And it was yours to do as you pleased. Let me give you a minute to let that sink in… You see, something very similar happened in London in the United Kingdom on a lazy autumn afternoon in November, 2010. A […]

Blessed beyond measure!

You're blessed with the blessing of Abraham!

You’re blessed with the blessing of Abraham. All the promises God made to Abraham have been fulfilled in Christ Jesus and made available to you. They include everything you could ever need to fulfil your purpose here on earth. They became yours the moment you received Jesus. You are so blessed, your mind cannot even […]

The Blessing is yours.

Why endure the curse?

The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare. Victory in Christ, principalities and powers, footstool, demolishing strongholds, take captive every thought, battlefield of the mind, soldiers of Christ put on your armor, prayer and fasting. the adversary, God's armor

Scripture makes it abundantly clear that all the promises God made to Abraham are ours. They become ours the moment we become children of God through faith in Jesus. Incorporated in the blessing of Abraham is everything we could ever need to enjoy our ordinary, everyday lives here in the world. All deposited into our […]