The Knots Prayer

A prayer to God for help with the knots and 'nots' of daily living

Praying African American Girl

I recently came across this wonderful prayer, which I commend to you. It’s very important because it recognizes that the mind can hold us back from God’s best for us. The mind is incredibly powerful. Our thoughts matter. They invariably determine our choices, which in turn shape who we are. The Bible puts it this […]

You’ve not yet laughed your best laugh.

Your best life is still out in front of you!

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Dare to believe! What if you could create the life of your dreams? What would you give to live life to the full? But first, what happened to your real life? The one you were created to live. The one you used to dream about. The one you probably still dream about! Take a moment to […]

The surprising reason many people are not walking in victory!

And what you can do to walk in your authority as a believer.

The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare. Victory in Christ

One of the first things I learned in law school is that the key to victory and success as a lawyer is not knowing the law, but knowing where to find it! Sometime ago I handled a case as an immigration lawyer. My client, Richard, had been granted leave to remain in the UK for two and a half […]

5 Secrets Every Christian Should Know About Satan!

Debunking the myths about the devil

Crushing the devil

It shouldn’t come as a surprise. The waters of spiritual warfare are extremely muddy and murky. This then, is my attempt to shed the light of God’s Word on some of the falsehood being peddled around. 1. Satan Is Real There are two extremes to avoid in spiritual warfare. One is to believe that the […]

Tiger in the Woods

What Tiger Woods Can Teach Us About Marriage and Fidelity!

Marriage and fidelity

I know what you’re thinking! Can any good thing come out of the woods? But please hear me out. Because we can sometimes find pearls of wisdom in the most unlikely of places! As the marital affairs by Tiger Woods grabbed headlines around the world in December 2009, I couldn’t help asking myself what lessons […]

Let me Teach you to Fight from Victory Not for Victory!

The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare: Learn to Fight from Victory Not for Victory!

Learn to Fight from Victory, Not for Victory!

Hi, I am Pedro Okoro, bible teacher and best-selling author of Crushing The Devil (translated into Portuguese and sold in Brazil as Desmascarando As Artimanhas Do Inimigo). I hold an annual Crushing The Devil Healing and Breakthrough Conference. Through my ministry, I have come to know one or two things about spiritual warfare. In my new book, The Ultimate Guide […]

Want to supercharge your love for the bible?

Treat your Bible the way you treat your cell phone!

Love the Bible

What do you think will happen to your relationship with God, if you treated your Bible the way you treat your cellular phone? While you are thinking about that, let us familiarise ourselves with our mobile phones. It happened on April 3, 1973. Martin Cooper, an employee of Motorola, publicly demonstrated the world’s first handheld mobile […]

Know God. Be Strong. Do Exploits!

“Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.” –William Carey How much of God do you know? Yes, we all know about Him, but how many of us actually know Him? God works through principles and to know Him is understand His character and know His principles! The Israelites of Moses’s day knew […]

What Brian Acton, the Co-Founder of WhatsApp can teach us about failure.

4 Essential tips to enable you turn mistakes into stepping stones for success

PedroOkoro.Com - the Brian Acton Story

Denied a job by Facebook in 2009, Brian Acton and Jan Koum co-founded WhatsApp the same year. 5 years later in 2014, they sold WhatsApp to Facebook for an incredible $16 billion! Founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton are no strangers to failure, and their incredible journey speaks volumes about the value of tenacity and […]